Well done Anjana!

Anjana Suresh, has just passed her RIBA Part 3 examinations, which definitely brought the UK registration legislation into sharp focus and got Stretto Architects talking.

Stretto Architects are celebrating the achievements of Anjana Suresh, who has just passed her RIBA Part 3 examinations. It’s a tough road, all of that study, while still managing your professional work and trying to squeeze a life in too! Well done Anjana!

For those who don’t know Anjana, she started her Architectural journey overseas, as did a few of the Stretto team.

Anjana was taught at an accredited architectural university, which means she has a qualification verified by the Commonwealth Architects Association as being of equivalence to the UK qualifications.

Now here’s the rub, even though she now has a shiny Part 3, she still has to go back and prove her Part 1 and 2 education. More time, more money and more putting life on hold, to prove knowledge and qualifications she already has.

Facing a dearth in architectural staff in the UK to assist the construction boom, does it not make sense to welcome verified, qualified and experienced members from other countries to the profession rather than keeping them out? 

Amendments to the Architects Act 1997, which end the UK’s automatic recognition of architectural qualifications in the EU, have also enabled mutual recognition agreements with regulators in other countries. This soon offers some hope for eligible architects to register in an easier and quicker process, thereby helping diversify the architectural fraternity in the UK.

We look forward to that day!

A photo of Architect, Anjana

A photo of Anjana Suresh