We're delighted with our Goram Homes project!

A sneak peak at our proposal for Goram Homes

As part of our residential work development, Stretto Architects recently presented a design proposal to the The Bristol Housing Festival and Goram Homes for the redevelopment of the Ex Novers Hill Primary School Site. The brief was for a new residential community on the edge of the Novers Hill SSCI open space which respected the local, established natural character and ecology of the site.

Our proposal was designed to sit comfortably in the natural context; blending into the treeline and using natural screening to reduce the impact of the built environment. The design was focussed, first and foremost, on the experiences of the people who will be living in the new community. It will provide an environment that is accessible to all, which creates delight, focusses on building strong communities and fosters wellbeing, integrates and supports the local ecology and is, just as importantly, truly affordable and sustainable.

The best part of putting this submission was that everyone in the office had a hand in the process, contributing some great work to a very tight timeframe! Well done team.

A site areal view of the Stretto Goram Homes proposal

Experiential sketches of the Stretto Goram Homes proposal

An exploded axonometric of one of the Homes